Response of iPhone 5 Release, Apple Stores across the world in Pictures

Apple enthusiast camping outside the store in Sau Paulo, pic by @MacMasi

The release of New Apple iPhone 5 created a so called big hype across the globe. The loyalty of apple fans is Unbelievable. Camping Outside the Apple stores before the day of release to selling the spots in the Cue. The excitement level of this gadget lovers named after the fruit reaches new heights every year. I've tried to collect the reaction of apple fan boys and haters from twitter. 

Good or bad Twitter has it's own style of responding to the hype,

Fans sleeping outside Brazil Apple Store to continue the queue in next morning, pic by twitter user:@rfischmann
Mad crowd waiting overnight from 12 am outside London Apple Store, pic by twitter user: @iHeartKuwait
Excited fans tweeted their enthusiasm to join the deadly queue in early morning like monsters

Massive crowd a night before release at Montreal Apple Center, pic by twitter user:@FabricePiard

 All Apple Store Displays are blackened out across the globe a night before release

Picture taken at 20th Night at Wischita, KS by twitter user @myz06vette
Some define their enthusiasm as once in a lifetime adventure,

Here's the tip for young lads on how to be a loyal husband,

Get, Set and Go
Fans waiting outside Apple Store before 4hrs, picture taken by twitter user: @ishiihiroko

Enthusiastic Apple Staff seen cheering, Picture taken at Nagoya Sakae Apple Store, China by twitter user:@idanbo
And some are chosen to sell their spot Whoa!

Fans waiting outside Boston Apple Store a night before release,  picture taken by twitter user:@RyanSchulteis 
Friends in Need is Friend Indeed,
Fans waiting outside Australia Apple Store, pic taken by twitter user: @TaboidJunk
And some cheeky comments,
Tired fans taking rest in queue at Keystone App Store, pic taken by twitter user:@ErickaFlye 
Raleigh Apple Store, pic by twitter user: @RondanArt
Queues at Perth, Australia, pic by twitter user: @carijansen
Some heated reaction as well on this hype,

Wall Street Apple Store, Brazil, pic by twitter user: @rfischmann
Fans waiting in rain at Sydney Apple Store, pic by twitter user: @StyleTheCat
Finally, a sigh of relief at SanFrancisco Apple Store, California

Amid all this crazy hype, according to J.P. Morgan's Michael Feroli, Apple added about 0.5 percentage points to U.S Ecnomic growth in the fourth quarter of this financial year. On the basis of creativity and innovation, Apple has single-handedly dominated the entire smartphone market. 

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