Review: NEW Power Packed Samsung Galaxy S5

(Samsung Galaxy S5, credits: verge team)

The South Korean giant Samsung with over 31 percent market share and with rivals unveiling the almost all kinds of features like fingerprint, Sony with high definition waterproof phone to beat arch rivals.  What will you do, if you're a master strategist of Samsung Mobiles? Well, I know that's a difficult question, the answer is the NEW Samsung Galaxy S5. Like the new 
Gear wearables, Samsung Galaxy S5 looks familiar, simple yet powerful with features which stand out. But, if you're someone who want to see metal hardware, so called new look then be ready to get disappointed. 

The Galaxy S5 is almost similar in look from front to Galaxy S4, the display is slightly larger with 5.1 inches, 1080p, Super Amoled panel. The only added feature is 'Finger Print Scanner' in home button quite similar to iPhone 5S, capacitive keys for multitasking, and Android's back option.


For many users, looks are everything. If the phone looks great then it leaves a good first impression on customers. But, Samsung decided to continue the same s4 look in S5. It has same metal surrong like S4, with bits and pieces of refined improvement. There's nothing new wow factor when it comes to design.

Positives: Grippable back and feels lot nicer in the hands

                              Integrated Fingerprint Scanner

The charging port is USB 3.0 and it has integrated port cover for waterproofing. The new galaxy S5 is rated with IPV67 for water and dust resistance, which means now Galaxy S5 can be submerged in under 3 feet water for 30 minutes at a time. Cool? Well, don't say you've seen this already in Xperia Z.


If you're a loyal samsung user, then you may be expecting a bit higher screen size but contrary to all rumours, Samsung Galaxy S5 is just 5.1 inch full HD superamoled version. Unlike expectations, its not massive. 

When compared with S4, it's clearly way ahead in terms of quality with  SUPERAMOLED technology. Movies and pictures looks awesome. 


There are few improvements in the user interface, it's look more refreshing and easy to use. The major change is happened in the notification bar.

The new features like S finder and Quick connect allows you to move through the phone with faster speed. The Quick connect looks similar to google search with more information drawn from the web.

Another stand out feature of Quick connect is that you can DLNA stream from here and can make Galaxy S5 a really connected hub of the home similar to Apple's Air Drop and AirPlay


One thing which is not disappointing from Galaxy S5 is it's camera, not because it's 16MP now but the hardware ability to process and take pictures efficiently.

Samsung Galaxy S5 has excellent camera, it can capture a photo in 0.3 seconds.

The first time Galaxy S5 introduced Real time HDR(Rich tone)

The HDR gives visual representation of what picture looks like when high dynamic range is applied before pressing the shutter button.


When compares to S4 battery, S5 got slightly bigger battery 2800 mAh, as per samsung it's better too. The impressive feature is Ultra Power Saving Mode which shut down all non-essential features and makes phone black and white to maximise battery life. This features can be useful in case of emergency when the battery is drained out and you've no supply to charge.


The Gear wearables and Samsung Galaxy S5 is scheduled to release on 11th April, 2014 in 150 countries countries across the globe. Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available in four colours.


Although, Samsung comes up with appealing features like finger print scanner, water proof and amazing camera, but there's no wow factor we found, as everyone expecting from a smartphone market dominator.

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