5 Powerful Reasons why you should buy the Apple Watch

The jam packed hall full of tech geeks, thousands of live blogs from across the world, with thousands of users live tweeting, Apple always manages to attract the eye balls of gadget enthusiasts with their no-nonsense no-PR events. Apple users are their best advertisers.

Here's the five powerful reason we believe are enough for one to buy Apple Watch.

1. For A Change

Apple watch will redefine the way how you will interact with your phone. Wearable technology is a new hyped phenomena in gadget enthusiast circles, so, why not start with a company who's known for designing great products with utmost precision. 

The Apple watch will be your iPhone companion device, bringing the important functionality like notifications, messages, music etc., of your phone on your wrist. This will definitely add great flavour to your iPhone experience.

And for frequent travelers, the wrist acting as a boarding pass by bypassing the airport gates clears one less hurdle in their journey.

2. Apple Pay


One of the single most powerful reason to buy Apple watch is Apple Pay, imagine your watch paying all your supermarket bills with just a click on your wrist. A little less hassle in a messed up world, why not.

3. Health and Fitness

For a health conscious person, investing on this gadget is a wise idea. Fitness and health is a major theme of the Apple Watch. With many apps offering the analysis of each & every moment of your pulse, apple watch will take health monitoring to a new level. There are many fitness trackers already in market but with Apple attempt to link it with it's device gives it a bonus point.

4. Style Statement

Who cares what product offers as long as it bears the brand value? Many users own brand just to stay up to date with the trends and to make a style statement. Even before Apple Watch could arrive, it is already an icon by winning a 'iF Design Gold Award 2015'. And icing on the cake is, Apple Watch sports version offers a great look. 
And for elites, Apple watch special gold edition costing $10k will add another feather in their cap.

5. iOS Platform

iPhone being a number one smartphone  dominating the entire smartphone market, it will be a best bet to invest in a watch which supports the 'most selling phone' platform. Because, more app developers will invest their energy in designing apps thereby more quality of apps to users.

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