Apple Event Live: Timeline

The 6:36PM GMT: Tim cook concluded the event by thanking the hardwork of his team, applause all around. That's it from us, for more detailed updates on today's announcements, stay tune to our blog.
Thank you for following our updates. Cheers!

6:33PM GMT: The pre-order and preview of Apple Watch starts from 10th April and it will be released in US, UK and few other countries on April 24.
And $10,000 starting price for special Apple Watch edition. Whooops!

6:27PM GMT: Apple Watch starts with price $349 for 38mm.

Three collections, as we all know, Sport as a special kind of alluminium look compared to that normal look. 

And a stainless steel model what tim cook says is not normal stainless steel. A different varities for different age groups will be get introduced.

6:21PM GMT: Apple Watch can be used as boarding pass to bypass security gates on Airport. That's cool!

6:17PM GMT: Basically, Apple watch communicates with your iPhone efficiently & can be used to pick calls, to browse photos on instagram and what not

6:12PM GMT: Kevin on stage to show the usage of Apple Watch. He'a talking about how various apps interact on Apple Watch and how efficient siri communicate on Apple watch with asking siri about weather updates & setting reminders. 

6:07PM GMT: Apple watch ran it's first half-marathon in africa with Christy Turlington and she's speaking about the same with Tim cook 

6:01PM GMT: Digital Touch, the feature which shows the sketch on your watch what your friend draws on his/her watch

5:58PM GMT: Tim cook briefing the exceptional ability of Apple Watch, we can receive message & receive calls, and can read email too. 

5:55PM GMT: Apple Watch is finally here, sigh! Apple claims it's the most personalised device they've ever created with range of unique abilities.

5:50PM GMT: Video being played to show the excellent design part of the new macbook. It comes in Silver, space grey and 'stunning gold'.

5:45PM GMT: The core vision of this mac is wireless. No wires whatsoever involved. Only one power & one connector to support HDMI, USB, VGA and power. 

5:41PM GMT: First fan less macbook with excellent tractic engine in trackpad which give whole new experience of computing 

5:36PM GMT: The new macbook weighing just 2pounds with new keyboard with scissor mechanism 

5:34 PM GMT: A sleeky machine brought by cook in his hand, the new Macbook it is.

5:31PM GMT: Apple surely knows where to maintain autonomy and where not to, ResearchKIT will be open source. Now, any platform can contribute to medical research.

5:24PM GMT: Asthma Health app, Breast Cancer app to monitor your level of disease.

5:21PM GMT: ResearchKit, a software framework which can easily give access to researchers to create apps. Apple announces their commitment to work with foundations for huge diseases.

5:18PM GMT: More products likely to use Homekit too. Bur the most profound impact is HealthKit. One of the team member briefing on Apple dedication on medical research.

5:15PM GMT: Coming to iPhone, tim says they've almost doubled the sales of iPhone with 99% customer satisfaction with Apple Pay being the most likely feature among customers.

5:11PM GMT: Game of thrones trailer been showing on screen. HBO now is being launched streaming package.

5:08PM GMT: HBO chief on stage briefing the partnership it going to share with Apple & it's new Apple TV.

5:04PM GMT: It's started, here we go!!! It started with a video showing apple new store in china. People cheering with claps.

5:00PM GMT: Good evening everyone, welcome to our live updates on #AppleWatch event. Stay tune for minute by minute update as the event progress.

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