Boieng gets patent for Force Field made of lasers

March 23, 2015: One of the world's largest defense, aircraft and security company 'Boeing' has been granted with a patent for 'force field'. The patent was filed back in 2012 and it has been accepted now. The patent was named "Method and system for shockwave attenuation via electromagnetic arc".

(Image Source: An illustration from Patent)
Basically, it's a kind of a sci-fi scene from star wars or star trek where a glowing light energy shielding the potential target from shells and shrapnel. It's been designed to prevent the machines, military and aircraft from impact due to blast. The concept is based on sensors to detect an explosion in water or air or a vehicle on the side of the road then it will estimate time and location of the explosion. Then, sensor triggers the laser or microwave energy that heats up a section of air or water, creating a laser like shield between the vehicle and explosion. The shield's temperature and density absorbs the shockwaves from the explosion.

Although, it's look amazing on paper, the technology still has to be tested to know how true the claims are and how significant it can be for our future security.

Source: Popsci
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