Can Artificial Intelligence outsmart human brain?

The rapid growing technology changing our surroundings with such a fast pace that, little did we know a decade back that, we would be talking with a smartphone to assist us do our simple daily tasks. Science and Research getting us to know the unknowns, which contributing in making our beautiful world a more better place for living. But, the device which getting it's life through a touch of human hand can outsmart it's inventor? May be or maybe not, it's a very pertinent question and 'World Economic Forum top 10 emerging technology of 2015' list has the answer.
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'Emergent Artificial intelligence' is emerged as one the top 10 most emerging technology of 2015. Artificial Intelligence(AI) is nothing but a science which make computer do simple tasks which human can do. Now, a smartphone can understand human voice and can turns it into speech or can follow orders like Apple's siri or microsoft cortana does. There are many examples of Artificial Intelligence like driverless cars, flying drones for delivery etc., which are human made invention but has an ability to outsmart it's inventor.

But, 'Emergent Artificial Intelligence' is a step further, this is a machine which doesn't need a human to feed the information. It can automatically learn by assimilating huge volumes of information through internet webpages. An example cited by 'World Economic Forum' page is NELL, the Never-Ending Language Learning Project from Carnegie Mellon University, it's a computer system that read the facts from webpages, learn & update itself and improve it's performance in the process to perform better in the future.

These machines has the ability to understand and learn the information at way faster than human beings and can adapt to the changes which no human brain can match. 

Emergent Artificial Intelligence in future can replicate human qualities like emotions, feelings and expressions. This technology can make lives easier but on other hand, it can pose the serious risks and challenges.

Source: World Economic Forum

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