FAA gives green signal to Amazon to test PrimeAir Delivery Drones

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) yesterday issued an 'experimental airworthiness certificate' to Amazon which allows anyone with pilot's license to test their unarmed drone crafts in US sky.

This license could pave a way for Amazon to test and launch their ambitious project 'PrimeAir Delivery Drone' service in United states, which make delivery easy and convinient to deliver. Before it was illegal to use the drones for commercial purposes in United States. This green signal from FAA brings huge joy to the company which trying from over a year to make this project a reality.

Amazon's efforts to legalise the drones for commercial purposes is part of their ambitious plan to make delivery more economical and quicker to its customers. This news will be a win-win situation for both customers and company. It will cut the cost on fuel and transport cost for company. And easy, cheaper and fast service for customers. 

However, this FAA certificate bound by certain conditions. The drone must be flown below 400meters within the eye line of the pilot at all the time. Which means, at the moment, delivering to long distance is not possible with this drones.

Source: TheIndependent.com
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