Google patents for a cancer-killing wearable

March 22, 2015: Google filed a patent for a cancer killing wearable device called "nanoparticle phoresis", reports talkandroid.
Google has been known for coming up with unique ideas to solve world problems with it's Google X program. Recently, they filed patent for measuring glucose levels through 'smart contact lenses' for diabetics. The latest patent is related to cancer detection, the aim is to fight cancer or Parkinson's disease.

The wearable device looks like a 'fitness tracker' that could combat cancerous cells by "automatically modifying or destroying one or more targets in the blood that have an adverse health effect."
It transmits energy into a person's body, and energy could be of any form like radio frequencies, magnetic fields, infrared rays, or even acoustic pulses or visible light. The transmitted energy will target the cells which are cause for the disease and could possibly has the capacity to draw them out of the blood stream.

This device use nanoparticles to detect the disease. Nanoparticles are really small (1-100 nanometer in size) and more than 2000 nanoparticles fits inside a red blood cell. 
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