Imagine your genetic information stored in a USB stick

With few hundred dollars, your genome can be digitized within minutes and can be stored in a USB stick through 'Digital Genome' Technology. Genome is a genetic material of an organism. Digital Genome is listed in top 10 emerging technologies of 2015 by World Economic forum. The ability of instantly and economically achieving our individual unique genetic make up promises a revolution in healthcare.
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 There are many harmful diseases healthcare researchers are battling to find the cure, from genetic disorder to cancer, are transferred through genetic component.  Through the availability of genetic information gives doctor a enough information to make precise treatment.
Although, like any emerging technology, digital genome too comes with it's potential risks,like preventing the digital genome for privacy reasons. And this technology give huge scope for researchers to develop genetic specific therapies on individual basis.

Source: Meta Council on Emerging Technologies, World Economic Forum
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