Terminator-inspired 3D printer at TED 2015

March 19, 2015: Carbon 3D demonstrated their Terminator-inspired 3D printer that has an ability to grow objects such as car parts, footwear or medical devices at TED 2015.


Carbon 3D uses revolutionary liquid method to process and which is about 25-100 times faster than its rivals. And it looks like one of the scenes of Terminator 2 where object taking form from liquid.

Founded in 2013, Carbon3D startup took a task upon them to transform the traditional 3D printing by using what they claim a breakthrough 'CLIP' Technology. Their website page says "3D printing has struggle to deliver its promise to transform manufacturing. Prints take forever, parts are mechanically weak, and material choices are too limited. That's because current 3D printing technology is really 2D printing, over and over again.
CLIP- Continuous Liquid Interface Protection- is a breakthrough technology that grows parts instead of printing them layer by layer. CLIP allows businesses to produce commercial quality parts at game changing speed, creating clear path for 3D manufacturing."

Watch the demo here:

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