Facebook unveils It's Messenger app for the web

April 8, 2015: Facebook seems to be storing lots of suprises in the days to come, soon after their F8 annual conference last month, Facebook unveils some of their key updates following weeks. Today, the tech giant launched it's standalone Facebook Messenger on the web.
The current service of facebook messenger on it's website will continue and there will be separate messenger.com website too from where you can do messaging just like you do on you standalone mobile messenger app. Sounds complicated? Why two messengers you may be think, right? Well, Facebook wants you to experience your messaging experience with it's standalone web browser without bothering about your newsfeed and unrelated subway surfer notifications.

"Today, we're launching Messenger for web browsers - a standalone web chat product accesible via Messenger.com. Once logged in, people can dive directly into a dedicated desktop messaging experience, keeping their conversations going and picking up where they left off," says Facebook to VentureBeat.

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