Google launched 'Project Fi' Wireless Service

April 22, 2015: Google today launched it's ambitious Project Fi to bridge the gap between traditional cellular networks and WiFi networks.
Google in it's blog says: "Similar to our Nexus hardware program, Project Fi enables us to work in close partnership with leading carriers, hardware makers, and all of you to push the boundaries of what's possible. By designing across hardware, software and connectivity, we can more fully explore new ways for people to connect and communicate."

Google created a million open free Wi-Fi hotspot across the selected locations, wherever you move, the device with Fi service will select best and fastest available Wi-Fi connection or one of their partnered LTE network. Currently, the company collaborated with U.S carriers Sprint and T-Mobile.

This project aims to separate phone number from a particular device- so that you can make calls and text from a single number on multiple devices. Your number will live in cloud.

Google priced a one simple plan with promise of round the clock support. For $20 a month you get all the basics like talk, text, Wi-Fi tethering and international coverage in 120+ countries and $10 per GB for cellular data while in the US and abroad. And if you have not used the full data you buys, you'll get credit value  back. Say you purchased $20 per 2GB cellular data and you used only 1.5 GB in a month, then you'll get $5 back, so that you can only pay for what you use.

At the moment, this service is available only on Nexus 6 through invite only for United States users. If you own one, go ahead and visit here at to request for invite.

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