Hackers attacks Google's Malaysian Homepage

April 14, 2015: Imagine you're in the class, your phone is under your desk, your professor having a rapid fire question round which you've no clue about. To save your face, your hand slowly heads towards your phone to quick google the answer but only to realise that it's been taken down. Worst nightmare, right? Well, some of the Malaysian users experience the same today when their google homepage redirects them to hackers website saying 'Google Malaysia Hacked.'
If reports are to be believed and later confirmed by Google on twitter, hackers breaches MYNIC, the Malaysian based domain name service that runs addresses that end with .com .my. Although, no personal data as such has been compromised.

@GoogleMsia Tweets:

Getting reports some users are experiencing google.com.my DNS redirection. Please use google.com/ncr in the meantime.

The Bangladesh based hacker TiGER-M@TE is behind the attack if the hack page redirection has to be believed. The same group was behind google Bangladesh hack in 2011.

Source: WallSteetJournal.com
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