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Early Verdict of LG G4: Major Improvements are Camera and it's possibilities to capture in different modes and a new Quantum Display. We'll compare the features with detail review to seperate the truth from hype, Stay tune.
4:41 PM GMT: Events coming to an end with a sparkling video and phone has seen the light of the day with a new slogan "See the great, feel the great."

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4:41 PM GMT: G4 has smart bulletin that gives a single place for widgets and notifications. And it has quick help feature which helps users on usage of features.

LG G4 owners who are Volkswagen drivers can take advantage of MirrorLink feature, says Lee.
4:40 PM GMT: The G4 uses a graphine RAM that puts the CPU on sleep when displaying gets in standby mode. That saves a battery.

And the phone sends notification about which app drawing battery when phone is not in use. It's called Smart Notice.

LG G4 is simple, but allows users to customize, saye Lee.

Users can access the Google play with one single Google Id, and Google will give 100 GB of their cloud drive space for free for G4 owners.

4:38 PM GMT: The display gets 20% improved colour reproduction, 25% brightness boost, 50% improved contrast.

LG offers Quantum dot display for phones and LG Quantum dot display for televesions.

Does that mean phone screen is as good or close to as their televisions?

4:36 PM GMT: Lee sees the Quantum Display is a real step forward. 

The G4 uses a special graphic RAM that puts the CPU to sleep when displaying a still frame. There's less battery drain, he says

4:35 PM GMT: Extendable memory with microSD slot. New IPS Quantum display with improved color accuracy, brightness and contrast.

Lee speaks briefly about how awesome the display is.

4:31 PM GMT: Double tap on rear key to turn on the camera and it's been named as Quick Shot.

The G4 camera is f1.8 while Galaxy S6 is f1.9. The smaller, the better, says photographers.

Show the fist as gesture to make phone take a aumatic selfie with rear camera of 8 megapixels.

4:30 GMT: A video has been played with Colly brown, a landscape photographer who speaks about G4 camera.

Customize ISO, shutter speed, white balance, features of DSLR are introduced in Lg G4.

The camera launches in 0.6 seconds, auto focus is as fast as 0.276 seconds

4:25: PM GMT: The easily remove special plastic backs, leather with special charactersrics. 

And interest fact on the leather used on G4 back: luxury car maker Bentley uses leather of such high quality leather in its products that it only uses cows from farms that don't use barbed wire fences which could damage the hides.

4:23 PM GMT: LG has a proprietary treatment to the leather that makes it more durable than the standard luxury goods. The details go down to the threads, he says

4:22 PM GMT: As touchscreens have dominated the front of the phone, the back is where we sought out to stand apart from the competition, Lee says.

4:21 PM GMT: The G4's natural fit has a feeling of beautiful design. It has a sense of grace and beauty, Lee says.

4:20 PM GMT: The smartphone will have a 3,000 mAh battery that is replaceable. It's the same size as the G3.

4:15 PM GMT: Paul walks off, Lee, director of LG USA, takes the stage.

4:15 PM GMT: There will 4K video recording and improved sensor navigation, says Qualcomm chief

4:15 PM GMT: Paul speaks about his company's collobration with LG to work on G4 from initial stage and to tune it with Snapdragon 808 to make many outstanding features in handset possible.

The result is an ideal example for how technologies come together to meet consumers needs, says Paul

Internal test as Paul claims will make G4 last entire day on a single day

4:14 PM GMT: Cho introduced a new guest on stage, Paul Jacobs, the executive chairman of chipmaker Qualcomm

4:13 PM GMT: This will be the first phone to have IPS Quantum display, which Cho says is more human centric

4:12 PM GMT: More than ever, the user is focus on G4, says Cho and he shows the phone in his hand

4:10 PM GMT: A series of videos plays on and there you go, LG's President Juno Cho on stage. Claps around!

4:05 PM GMT: Event started with a video highlighting features of LG G4.

4:00 PM GMT: Hello and welcome to the LG G4 Event live updates blog, this is Rizwan and i will keep you updated on LG most anticipated flagship model event. Stay tune.

Source and Image Courtesy: CNET.com
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