Video: NASA shows off it's driverless rover that can drift

April 15, 2015: Earlier in January, NASA announced it's partnership with Japanese manufacturer Nissan to build a driverless car which can be drive on the surface of planets and moons. Today, NASA shows off it's ambitious model in Johnson Space Center, the vehicle can operate efficiently without driver and it can drive sideways if necessary.

The car is named as 'Modular Robotic Vehicle (MRV), and it looks similar to golf buggy. It's fully electric and it's capable of achieving cruising speed that would match any modern commercial cars. 

The video shows how it allows the passenger to sit in comfortably while the car spins on the track with ease. The car drifts and wheels can rotate with an angle which no modern car can match. 

There are more features will be added in this vehicle in future and it looks like an exciting project to look forward for future astronauts.

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