Net Neutrality under threat in Europe and India

April 10, 2015: While Net Neutrality in United States will see the light of the day on this coming Monday with government's new net neutrality rules will be published on Federal Register, which prevents Internet providers from unfairly speeding up or slowing down certain favored web sites over others, but policy makers in other parts of the world, particularly in India and Europe, are considering the contrary rules against net neutrality which could hurt the consumers and start-up businesses.
The European council consist of 28 countries members last month adopted a proposal that would allow telecommunication companies to charge Internet based enterprises like Netflix, Google to deliver their contents and videos faster than those smaller companies with lesser resources that cannot afford to pay.

In India, the country's telecommunication regulator asked for comments on whether it should consider adopting similar provision what European Union adopted. The regulator also asked if internet providers should charge extra fees for services like WhatsApp, Skype and Youtube on top of the fees people already pay for access to the internet.

This move in Europe and India draws flak from official sources and Internet activists. The internet activists in India organized a campaign against the regulators's proposal.

Chandrashekar, an independent member of the India's Upper house of parliament from Karnataka state, tweets his support for net neutrality: "#NetNeutrality ensures non-discriminatory access to services to all consumers, and is core to #DigitalIndia," he further adds, "too important to let private players to be the ones making the rules."

Recently, India's largest telecom company Bharti Airtel drop it's plan to charge Skype and Viber due to hue and cry on social media.

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