Samsung releases Kernel Source Code for Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

April 12, 2015: Soon after the release of the most awaited Samsung's flagship device Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge on April 10, they had a good news for Android developers. Samsung released Kernel Source Code for numerous models of Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge which allows enthusiast developers community to alter the Android operating system.
The strong community of Android developers usually releases the custom ROMs, kernels and themes which empower users to completely tailor their samsung operating experience as per their needs. With Samsung officially releasing it's kernel source code, enthusiast developers work got a bit more easier.

Now, what is this word Kernel? It's nothing but a heart of Android Operating system. It's act as a messenger which allows the software to communicate with hardware and viceversa. Whenever you click an app on your screen like camera, it will send a requests to kernel which translates the request into something the physical camera hardware on your phone understands and process accordingly. This happens in seconds, in some phones minutes, depends on how faster your phone processor frequency is.

Custom kernel developers creates their own version of kernel to make the devices work more faster and enable new features. 

The code was released on Samsung Open Source Release Center and it is available for following models: 

SM-G920F(S6 Global), SM-G920K(S6 Korea), SM-G920L(S6 Korea), SM-G920T_NA(S6 USA T-mobile), SM-G925F(S6 Edge Global), SM-G925K(S6 Edge Korea), SM-G925L(S6 Edge Korea), SM-G925S(S6 Edge Korea), SM-G925_NA(S6 Edge USA T-mobile).

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