Samsung S6 Edge is as bendable as iPhone 6 Plus, more likely to break:Report

April 5, 2015: Apple's iPhone 6 Plus when it was released last year created a ruckus on social media for it's infamous bendgate, this time Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge went through a similar test and results seems to be more negative than it was with iPhone 6 plus.
San francisco based extended warrantly service provided SquareTrade has came out with an interesting video showing Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge being put through a bend test alongside the iPhone 6 Plus and HTC One M9.

The results shows Galaxy S6 Edge bends as much as iPhone 6 Plus but the samsung's flagship model breaks into pieces when excessive pressure applied unlike it's rival Apple model. The video also shows the similar test being done on HTC M9.

The iPhone 6 Plus bending pressure is 110 pounds and breaking point is at 179 pounds. While Galaxy S6 Edge bends at 110 pounds and it also cracks at this point, and when 140 pounds pressure applied, it breaks into pieces.

The test was carried out by SquareTrade using 'Bend Bots', the machine used for applying pressure on smartphones to test it's durability and strength. 

When it was Apple under criticism for it's Bendgate design flaw, Samsung was the first to take potshots with viral memes, it will be interesting to see how Apple will respond to the samsung's similar desig flaw. Will they give samsung the taste of their own medicine? Stay tune, we'll keep you updated.

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