This smart lock lets you in with a simple knock

April 7, 2015: Cold evening, you came back home after a long day of work only to realise that you've forgotten your keys in your office desk and there is no one inside home. Yes, l've been through this and i'm sure most of you. Life throws you in situations where you feel helpless, to make your life a bit easier, Candy house cames up with an idea. An idea of simple smart lock which works through an app to open door or just with a knock pattern. One click or one knock, and that's it, it opens for you.
There are no dearth of smart locks but almost all of them want you to bring out your phone or enter a code to get in. Sesame, a smart lock lets you get in with a secret knock on either your door or your phone. The device fits on your single cylinder existing deadbolt within seconds without any tools required. And an optional WiFi bridge gives you both remote access as well as an option to determine which friends are allowed inside. The battery lasts about 500 days and sends notification when the battery is low. The simplicity is the unique selling point of this product.

This is a crowfunded project featured on Kickstarter and it has been backed by 5481 backers till now amounting $902,200 till now. The pledge goal was for $100,000 and it surpassed it's goal by huge margin.

If you like their idea, you can back them here at Kickstarter.

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