Twitter in Ireland to handle all non-US accounts

April 19, 2015: As per the twitter updated privacy policy, the social media giant created a two-lane service that treats US and non-US users differently. If the twitter user accounts belong to US, the account is controlled by San Francisco based Twitter Inc, but if the account belongs to other parts of the world, it will be handled by Twitter Inc based in Ireland capital city Dublin.
How it will affect the users? Well, this will not affect the users directly but Twitter Inc governed by US law has to comply with NSA-driven court requests for data. While data stored in Ireland not subjected to such obligation. Hence this move. Not only twitter, Facebook too adopted the similar tactic.

Ireland is widely recognised in Europe for having more relaxed privacy policies. This is important for any company to monetize user data through advertising.

Source:, Image by Nial Carson/PA via AP image
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