US Govt. declassified report shows CIA inability to use NSA spy program

April 26, 2015: A newly released declassified document from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) own internal watch dog made some eye opening revelations on former president George W Bush's warrantless surveillance and bulk data collection. The report states that the program was so secretive that only top level officers has been informed about it, rather than usual file and rank "CIA analysts and targeting officers", due to that the agency could'nt able to "fully use" its capablities.
The 747 pages document titled "Report on the President's Surveillance Program" has been released in reply to the lawsuit filed by New York Times under Freedom of Information Act against the Department of Justice. 

The mass surveillance program has been initiated in wake of Sept 11 attack and codenamed as 'Stellar Wind", it went through several legal hurdles before being placed as law in Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Amendments Act (FISA AA) of 2008. 

There were three sets of data collected under the program, CIA IG report reveals:

"The first set included the content of individually targeted telephone and e-mail communications. The second set consisted of telephone dialing information - collected in bulk (REDACTED). The third data set collected of e-mail transactional data (REDACTED) collected in bulk (REDACTED)."

This information only reconfrimed the already raised doubts of effectiveness against NSA and it's discreet surveillance efforts.

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