French startups urges expats with 'Come Home, Work for Us' slogan

May 27, 2015: In a desperate and to put in a mild terms, a heartening move, French startup companies forms a consortium to attract international experience talent to return back home, pooling their resources to offer free repartriation help and advice as part of the package.
The campaign which they named as 'Come Back Leon' is inspired by a 1980s TV advert where a pasta lures youngsters away as their parents plead: "We have the same at home!"

Tired of poor job prospects, low growth and high taxes, many skilled labour from France left their homes to developed countries like United Kingdom and United States to pursue their dreams. To lure them back, the catchphrase the campaigners coined is "We are innovating at home!"

The claims of campaign sounds credible as it back by a fact that France was the most represented nation for a fourth successive year in the Deloitte 2014, top 500 index of Europe'a fastest growing tech firms, counting 86 companies in total. Paris also claims the status as the startup capital of Europe.

According to Frederic Mazzella, the chief of successful car sharing starup BlaBla Car, the initiative has a modest budget of "several hundreds of thousand euros."

If project members of the startup sector has to be believed, there are 3,000 jobs has to be fill this year alone but they are well aware about the fact that it's not easy to get back well settled skilled talent abroad.

The group has a target of estimated 2 million French million people living abroad, and around half of them are high-degree level. Their primary target is 40K people in Silicon Valley for which they are planning a roadshow in New York, San Francisco and London this summer.

And France government too playing its role to get rid of their infamous image as low growth, high tax bureaucratic nation. The govt economic minister Emmanuel Macron during La Web Conference 2014 said, "To be clear about the French momentum, we are accelerating," he further adds, "The key question for us is how to accelerate, and how to help create new businesses. My job is to be sure that in the coming years we create thousands of new businesses to replace the old ones. My job is to protect people and allow them to be innovative and take risks."

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