Meet Marble MRB-1 Drone build with 3D printed parts

May 9, 2015: The startup Marble has a good news for someone who owns 3D printer, the ambitious company re-defined the possibilities of three dimensional printing by 3D prototyping a MRB-1 drone.
The MRB-1 has removable wings, composite body with the capability to stay aloft for much more longer than quadracopter drone, and it's removable parts makes it easy to disassemble for transport.

The thinking head behind the idea Mathieu Johnson, who is a Aerospace Engineer and claimed a fame for working on record breaking electric aircraft design project, has some interesting long term goals to develop a turn-key, commercial, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for creating 2D and 3D navigational maps. In order to execute his ambitious goals, Johnson with four other engineers came together to give shape to their startup project Marble. The newly formed company aims to deliver cutting-edge, high performance drones. The camera mounted underside the drone will allow the UK users to get customised, high fidelity maps in the field.

The startup team used a Form 1+ printer from formlabs to build their prototypes:

Johnson says, "We can now produce exchangeable modules - thanks to the geometrical accuracy - without the need for moulded parts," He further adds, "It gives us the possibility to manufacture small batches of early-version product that we will sell to customers before committing to manufacturing methods more optimised for large scale production. For most parts, we may not able to manufacture them any other way, without compromising on weight or functionality."

And here's how the final product looked when it took the skies.

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