This is how technology helps boxers enhance their performance

May 3, 2015: While the world is warming up to watch the so called 'Fight of the Century' between the American born undefeated world champion Floyd Mayweather and Philippine hailed world champion Manny Pacquiao, which is believed to be worth $300 million. We'll take show you a technological aspect of boxers training and how it helps them achieved the results like never before.
One of the technology boxers use is Vestibular Rehabilitation, developed by NASA, the technology helps enhance performance and return to play decisions.

As defines: "The vestubular system, which is the equilibrium center of the athlete's balance, is commonly injured in 80% of all boxers. A gyroscope in each inner ear, called the vestibular apparatus, in concert with vision and proprioceptors (joint, skin and muscle receptors), helps the boxer maintain proper balance of his/her eyes and body during static and dynamic movement."

The vestibular system works specially to help maintain balance between head level and body movements. Therefore, it's health in the boxer is directly proportional to their performance. When this system gets damaged or injured during a fight or training, boxer may feel dizziness, fatigue, and a sense of imbalance, which will eventally affect the end result.

There are two vestibular system in each ear of human body. The balance of head is depend upon it's health, just like front-end alignment of your car. If the front end of car hits a pothole, the car wants to drifts to one side or the other, the tyres wear out and it will become difficult to control the car. Similarly, our head movement lose its control when these system gets injured. To make the system steady, boxers train the brain to achieve a better control using a special therapy technique call vestibular retraining therapy (VRT).

This system is orginally developed for patients after inner ear (vestibular) surgeries and for performance enhancement in miltary fighter pilots, sailors, and the NASA astronauts. The computerized technology with high-end softwares will be used to monitor and measure the boxer's eyes and body by specially trained and licensed therapists.


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