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12.05: Tim wrapping up the event, he wants to give treats to the attendees with One Republic Music.

That's it for now. We'll review the 6S and 6S Plus in detail. Stay tune.

12.02: A video commercial is being played to showcase iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

12.00: Here are the prices for new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.


Pre-order starts from Sept 12.

IOS 9 available next week, Sept 16.

11.57: IOS 9 ofcourse, the new iOS will have faster wi-fi and a high category of LTE as new networks roll out. There's a new thing called 'Move to iOS' to allow Android users seamlessly transfer their data from Android to iOS.

11.55: And this is interesting, a new technology has been introduced. Live Photos. Woah! Loved it. 

The photo goes live with a tap on the screen, and with a sound too. And they're not videos.

11.50: And some incredible 4K video & pictures getting showed off by Apple taken from iPhone 6S.

Facetime camera comes with 5MP HD camera. 

11.47: And the much talked about aspect of any smartphone, Camera. IPhone 6S comes with iSight Camera with 12MP with 50% more pixels picking capacity.
11.45: M9 motion coprocessor integrated into the chip for live fitness tracking.

Second generation Touch Id, two times faster than its predecessor. 

11.43: Another guy up on stage explaining the functionality of 3D touch in a popular game Warhammer.

11.40: Schiller is back on stage, speaking about the new A9 chip, a 64 bit chip. 'Optimised for real world use' 

90% better graphics than last year and 80% faster. 

11.36: 3D Touch demonstration is up:

 Sensors in the backlight measures the distance between coverglass and light to properly keep measuring the users response. The haptic feedback gets up to speed much faster, to let you know what you touching is doing.
11.30: New iPhone 6S and 6S Plus 'The most advanced smartphones in the world', says Phil Schiller.

3D touch is coming, hints Tim cook with advanced version of Force Touch. Now, iPhone recognises Peek and Pop gestures.

Color: Grey, Gold, Silver and Rose Gold. 

Screen: 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch.

11.30: Here are the exclusive pics:
11.28: Here it is the video, showcasing the brand new iPhone 6S and 6S Plus.

11.27: Tim started with its phenomenal growth in China and India for iPhone.

11.26: Next up is iPHONE, says Tim cook. A loud applause in the hall.

11.24: 32 GB for $149, 64GB for $199 - apps can be created right now. Its up for grab for developers. The release is in October.

11.20: Now, peeps from on stage explaining their app functionality on Apple TV for baseball fan.

11.17: A shopping apps to shop from your TV, what? Yes, you heard it right. Gilt giving a demo.

"Making shopping from home more compelling", says Apple.

11.15: Beat sports with Apple TV. Wii mote like thing with motion sensors to plat motion sensitive game.

Shopping is next.

11.11: Some dodgy game called Crossy Road demonstrating on Apple TV. Apple calling it a classic iOS game. Really? 

11.10: Apple is brining huge lot of new apps and games on Apple TV platform with inclusion of Netflix, Hulu etc and Guitar Hero and AirBnB to start with.

11.09: TV OS is the new platform apple introduced today to develop apps for TV. Not bad actually.
11.06 Apple TV gives almost all your request displaying on your TV just like a tickr without disturbing the content you're watching.

11.01: iTunes, Netflix, HBO, Hulu and Showtim. More services to be announced. Tell siri what you want, she will oblige your request. That's Apple TV for you, working just like your smartphone.

And Apple Music is on there too.

11.00: "We've included some stunning locations from around the world, and the Apple TV will automatically play just the day or night shots, depending on your time of day"

10.58: Eddy cue is on stage to talk about Apple TV. 

TV comes with a remote which has touch surface at the top of the remote, a glass surface and six buttons to interact with it. 

10.55: New hardware with a most modern operating system and with an App store and developer tools. This all for a TV? Woah!

10.52: And the next big thing from Apple, Apple TV it is. Tim believes future of television is Apps. 

10.52: The prices are as follows:

IPad Pro: 

32GB - $799, 128GB is $949, it will be released in November this year.

iPad Mini 4 - $399
10.42: Irene Walsh, head of design from 3D Medical is on stage explaining medical anatomy with Apple iPad.
10.39: Adobe guy on stage to talk about how their product work with the new iPad & its new phenomena(i know i've bit exaggerated this) called Apple Pencil.

Adobe Photoshop Fix is launched today which uses iPad Pro facial detection to alter model's smile. Adobe sketch used to explain how Apple Pencil works

10.35: Microsoft is up for grab on Apple devices. Woah! A good news for MS office fans. 

Kirk from Microsoft explains how different features of Microsoft Office suite works seamlessly on iPad Pro.

10.31: And iPad Pro comes with a stylus kind thing called Apple Pencil. There's a video being played out now.
Video defines it as masterpiece which empowers artists to draw on their iPad like never before.

10.27: Its twice as fast as GPU, 10 hours battery life, 6.1mm thinner than iPad Air. 4 -speaker system. 

It comes with 'Smart connector' from Apple and carries power and data magnetically.

10.24: Full size software keyboard, all iOS9 features were designed with this iPad Pro mini, with 12.9 inch screen. Same height as iPad Air presently.

Its loaded with plenty of pixels too with TFT Oxide material for a bette picture quality.

10.20: Ipad will have massive display, this has a display even macbook doesn't has till now, it can do things even notebook cant do, clearly a laptop replacement. 

10.18: Tim believes this iPad is the most powerful tablet Apple has ever created. Like Apple says every year in their typical style.

10.16: Now, Tim is back on stage. And here it is the next big thing, iPAD. The video is being played and its named as iPad Pro.

10.15: More colors in Apple Watch to cone this fall, says Jeff. WatchOS 2 will be released on 16 September.

10.13: Apple watch will also comes now in Rose Gold and Gold. Jeff just confirmed.

10.12: New designs for Apple Watch.

10.09: Let's talk about Airstrip with Apple Watch will change how doctos communicate with patients. Already used to monitor 3.5M women." 

10.10: Sense4Baby is the new app introduced with sensors pregnant women put on their bellies.

10.04: Jeff williams on dias, to talk about Apple Watch OS2 - which includes new wallpapers & third party applcations. 

10.02 - Tim starts with Apple Watch and little background about how people loving it.

10.01 Cook is out! people are excited! Rounds of claps all around!

Hello tech lovers, welcome to our live updates live from Apple event!
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