Donald Trump want to force Apple to manufacture in the US

The Republician president nominee Donald Trump, as we all know, is famous for his controversial comments, and in the latest statement he said he will force Apple to manufacture their products in the US instead of China if he elected as President.

While addressing to the crowd of students and reporters at Liberty University in Virginia, he said "We're going to get Apple to build their damn computers and things in this country instead of other countries."

He want Apple to move back their manufacturing operations America in order to create jobs. Trump further goes on to say that if he becomes president he will try to impose a 35 percent of tax on American companies who outsource their manufacturing overseas.

At present, Apple manufactures most of their products in China through it's manufacturing plant managed by Foxconn. Only high-end Mac Pro computers are made in the US, at their in-house factory in Austin, Texas.

To be realistic,  the daily wage of labour in China is much cheaper than US, moving their operations back to US means Apple has to restructure their profit margins and in result, a more expensive Apple products. And apart from that, there are many points in policy perspective which make this idea a political gimmick than a practical solution.

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