Drone Racing League: All you need to know

Huge stadium, Narrow straightaways, tight corners, and crazy drones, traveling with speed as high as 80mph to outdo each other. What am I talking about? It's the Drone racing league (DRL). The league announced it's first season which comprises of six challenging courses, including subway tunnels, malls and abondoned sports stadiums.

What is Drone Racing League?

Three of the most popular areas of technology are joining with DRL, which combines drones, virtual reality and video games. Drone Racing league is a first person drone racing, where racers fly drones using video googles connected through radio to the drone, that allows pilot a HD view of what drone is viewing, and audience watches the live feed from its onboard camera.

Drone racers fly a quadcopter, an aircraft with four propellers. The racer will have a two joysticks and resembles a video game like console. The drone that crosses all obstacles to reach the finish line first will be a winner.
A Pilot controlling Drone through video googles
The chief of the league Nick Horbaczewski believes that a growing segment of audience had been experimenting with drone racing at one-off gathering in countries around the world over the past few years. And Market research by Frost & Sullivan predicts that the hobby drones are on pace to become a $4.4 billion market by 2020.

The first season of the DRL is officially underway with six events across the globe, the venues are ranging from the Miami Dolphins NFL Stadium to the abandoned Hawthorne Mall in Los Angeles. Each event will be having 12 pilots from across the globe, with top six moving to the next event. The only downside is this season will not be live streamed, but recorded content will be distributed to popular channels like Facebook, Youtube and on the DRL's official website. "Level 1: Miami Lights" will be available as both video and a video-game experience on Feb. 22, with subsequent level in future bringing more gameplay.

The league kickstarted with a promising entertaining, although it's remain to be seen if the initial hype could turn the game to a successful sport or another failed business model.

Watch the promo video:

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