Scientists develops Martian Concrete to build structures on Mars

Picture Courtesy: NASA
We are one step closer to colonizing Mars, the Northwestern University has developed a recipe for Martian Concrete, which could one day allow us to build long-term structures on Mars instead of relying on expensive facility supply from Earth.

The Material science paper claims that when sulphur –– Mars from long been considered as sulphur-rich planet –– heated until it melts, then mix it with an equal part of Martian salt, and let it cool, the final product will be a very strong and recyclable concrete.

The Martian soil as a construction medium is not only affordable but also it could be the deciding factor on how the Mission Mars will shape in coming future. Mars lacks the strong magnetic field, so radiation levels are tends to be higher. To shield humans from all that radiation in long term mission, thick layers of Martian concrete could be a life saver. Although, to be realistic, Martian concrete is years away at best, but the discovery is crucial and the step is in right direction.

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Source: Northwestern University Research Paper

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