5 Rising Startups in U.S.

The popular belief across the world is that Silicon Valley is the only place to start a tech startup in United States. No doubt it's a great hub for engineers, huge network of financiers, and advisers. But, there are other cities too, that doing fairly well. Here we selected few startups that making waves in United States.

Jodone - a Boston based Startup

When robots and humans work together, good things happen. Jodone is a Boston based software as a service (saas) startup that combines human intellect with robotic technology to solve the problems of clients and create cost effective solutions for them across various industries. This patent-pending gaming interface allows humans to use their intelligence and skills to solve real-world tasks in real-time.

One of their most interesting software is Trash Mining. As per estimates, over 5,000,000,000 pounds of trash generates in U.S every year, and Jodone claims to solve the problem through their software that helps robots pick the trash.

Trifacta - a San Francisco based Startup

Data is the buzzword now, and this San Francisco based startup seems to making the right moves to grasp the huge array of opportunities in this industry. Trifacta's service allows customers to clean up and combine data in different formats so that it can be easily compared and manipulated. It provides useful means to to explore and experiment with all shapes of sizes of data. Their client's includes famous names like PepsiCo, GoPro, and Proctor & Gamble to the name a few.

The company raised $35 million in funding this week from a Seattle based Venture capitalist firm Ignition Partners. They're aiming to expand globally with the new cash.

Cairn Subscription Box - a Bend based Startup

Cairn Subscription Box, a monthly service based in Bend, Ore. that sends food, gear, and other outdoor recreation supplies to the subscribers. The startup raised $1.7 million in funding this week by a local incubator of indoor industry.
Founded in 2014, Cairn is building a community of outdoor enthusiasts around their company's product. Each month subscribers will receive a box of outdoor gear including about 4 to 5 brands and products. The $25 worth box comes loaded with gear, apparel, food, skin care products and emergency supplies. Subscribers are encouraged to review the items in the boxes, and same reviews are shared with outdoor companies as valuable consumer feedback. And, subscribers can earn points and free stuffs by completing reviews.

Liquid Planner - a Seattle based Startup

Liquid Planner, a IT software company that creates a project management tools to help companies prioritize tasks and schedule, and manage employees' workloads.

The 65-person startup raised $2 million in funding this month, and aims to further develop their product and customer base. "This additional capital is really to support the continued investment in those same areas," says Liz Pearce, CEO of Liquid Planner.

VoiceBox is a language language technology startup, it provides conversational speech recognition, search and information management. The company licensed its technology to makers of several popular names including VoIP solutions, Johnson Controls, and Intel.
The startup this week partners with technology giant Samsung to provide their language understanding technology in Samsung's S voice S services. Currently, S voice can assist Samsung mobile users with sending texts, place calls, make appointments, update social media, open apps and navigation.

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