Boeing patents 3D printing objects floating in Space

The 3D printing itself seems surreal when a magical thin filaments build up amazingly awesome models on top of a platform, turning a normal plastic into parts and figurines. Now, as per the latest patent by a aerospace company Boeing, a more advance and futuristic element has been patented and it's called levitation.

How it works?

A nugget of the printing material is ejected into the space, a phenomena called magnetic levitation holds the material in the place, then further deposition begins. That means, the magnetic fields created by levitation holds the first bit of 3D-printed material in place, and that bit is called "nugget,"  which is then built upon by multiple printer heads within the process.

An expert in 3D printing industry Tyler Koslow writes, "This Technology is like one i've never personally seen before."

PatentYogi elaborated the patent in this video:
The patent sounds more like a science fiction, and it's upon Boeing to make this concept into reality. What do you think? Do let us know in comments.

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