Meet Codrone, a quadcopter that you can easily program

Drones these days a new phenomena in tech circles, almost all of them are programmed to behave in certain way and to do certain things, in simple terms, they all come with it's limitations. But, CoDrone claims to change that, it allows users to easily program their drone in whatever way they want, and to do whatever task you want them to do, like laser battles, go through a maze and more.

CoDrone is developed by a San Diego based company Robolink, it helps you learn how to code with their helpful step by step tutorial. The pint-sized flying electronic kit can be programmed in under five minutes to do tasks like tracking movements, flying custom paths, following you around, navigating through a maze or engaging in a laser battle.

Technical Specs

  • Flight Time - Up to 8 minutes
  • Battery Charging time - 40 minutes
  • Flight Distance - Max Flight Distance 160ft
  • IR Sensor - for battle games
  • Gyroscope - 3 axis Gyroscope and 3 axis accelerometer for Altitude Control
  • Barometer Sensor - For Altitude Control
  • Hovering - Optical Flow sensor for Hovering
  • Bluetooth - 4.0 version
  • Dimensions - 133mm x 133mm
  • Weight - approx 37grams

The idea behind the innovative product is to introduce kids and adults to the coding world, engineering and robotics. As Robolink CEO Hansol describes it, "Programming can be tedious to learn. But when a few minutes of coding can put a drone in the sky, programming brings a smile to everyone's face."

The kit retail price is about $179 and you can avail the same for $139 during it's crowdfunding campaign. Interesting, right? rush over to their Kickstarter page, where the company seeks for $50,000, the target they already achieved. Delivery slated for this spring, and can be shipped worldwide.

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  1. "world's first programmable drone"

    Nope. I worked with programmable drones in college close to ten years ago.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Corrected. Thanks for pointing out. Appreciate it :-)


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