Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2016 Event Timeline: Galaxy S7 launch, features and more


Welcome to the Samsung Unpacked event 2016, we're expecting today a big launch from Samsung at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona. This is a live blog that updates to you with all latest happenings as the event progress, the event starts at (6pm GMT, 1pm EST, 3pm PST).

2:03 PM EST: And the event concluded with hands on for media, thanks for following us. We will update more pictures and information in this timeline. Keep refreshing!

2:00 PM EST: Zoh is back on stage. He thanks Mark for amazing partnership and leadership.

1:59 PM EST: "Facebook and Oculus are committed to this for long term." he further says, we are committed to building next big platform for VR with hundreds of engineers working already on them.
1:57 PM EST: The cost of Samsung virtual reality right now is in the middle, it's little bit expensive than Google Cardboard & HTC Vive. But, better than both in quality.

1:56 PM EST: We are working with Samsung to make VR Affordable. More than 1 million hours of video have been already watched in Gear VR, says Zuck.

1:54 PM EST: Zuck believes their partnership with Samsung will redefine the Virtual Reality world. And "VR is going to be a social platform," Mark says.

1:51 PM EST: Gear 360 demo finished, and Facebook Chief Mark Zuckerberg on stage. Wohoo! Not bad Samsung.

1:48 PM EST: "With S7 and S7 Edge at the center, we are truly redefining what a phone can do," says Pranav.

1:47 PM EST: Gear 360 is a part of samsung's ambitious project Beyond camera. The headset connected seamlessly with Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. You can live stream the complete 360 camera to your family back home. Which Pranav describes it as amazing.

1:44 PM EST: Samsung's Research guy Pranav Mistri on stage, he's describing the Gear 360 - which he says will capture your moments of life like never before. 

1:43 PM EST: SAMSUNG PAY at center stage. Chief describing how their payment service making waves. They're working with Google, which he defines as special relationship.
1:41 PM EST: Koh is back on stage, "No company is in a better position to achieve this vision than Samsung." he continues, we are creating a ecosystem with products, software, services etc., Samsung Pay is an example he's stressing on.

1:40 PM EST: For early pre-orders, Samsung may give your free VR device.
1:37 PM EST: Most awesome feature of all, you can able to record the games you play on Galaxy S7. Thats cool! right?

1:36 PM EST: And now my favorite part -GAMING. "Samsung and Epic Games committed to working together long term the state of mobile gaming," Sweeney says.
1:32 PM EST: The Galaxy S7 has a 3,000mAh battery  compare to 2,550mAh on the Galaxy S6. Edge will have slightly better 3,600mAh.
1:29 PM EST: And the competition with iPhone 6S+ begins, Samsung showing off why it's camera is far superior than iPhone 6S Plus. "You're getting a new improved camera with best features in the market."
1:24 PM EST: Improved Camera, larger aperture, bigger pixels with new light absorbing sensor –– 30% better than iPhone 6S+.
1:23 PM EST: MicroSD slot is back on the device. You can improve storage the way you want. And phone will be water resistance. 
1:22 PM EST: An improved battery life, the display ON will take only 1% of your battery. Great!

1:21 PM EST: A new feature called Display ON that always shows your calendar, time and other items.

1:17 PM EST: Samsung Galaxy S7 will have 5.1 inch and S7 Edge will be 5.5 inch screen.
1:16 PM EST: S6 and S6 Edge is a big innovation, but S7 and S7 Edge will be a step forward. And a promo video playing up on screen.

1:14 PM EST: Audience asked to remove the headset, and the chief brings the mobile in his hand. "This is the devices that reimagines what phones can do, and what smartphones can be," says DJ Koh. And he calls Justin Denison, Sr. VP, to describe more about the phone.

1:13 PM EST: And here it is, the new SAMSUNG GALAXY S7 on the screen!!! Finally!!!

1:12 PM EST: Audience has been asked to wear their VR headsets, to showcase the whole new world of Samsung Galaxy devices.

1:10 PM EST: Samsung new mobile chief DJ Koh describing his contribution to the company. He says, "As president of Samsung's mobile division, i feel big responsibility to hundreds of millions of people around the world."

1:08 PM EST: Screens are rising up from sides of the stage to clear the stage. DJ Koh arrives in the middle.

12:59 PM EST: Geeks, we're ready? Are you? The countdown begins!

12:50 PM EST: Hey Guys, this is Rizwan, we're gearing up to showcase you live updates of the big launch by Samsung. Audience sets in the hall, event ready to kickstart in few minutes.


Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2016 is a big yearly event by technology giant Samsung to unveil their flagship Galaxy smartphone models and their future plans. The said event will occur in Barcelona, Spain at Mobile World Congress 2016.

What to Expect?

Here are the list of things we can expect at this big launch
  • Galaxy S7: Specs, Release Date and Availability in US and across the world
  • Galaxy S7 Edge: Specs, Release Date and Availability in US and across the world
  • Future plans


The rumors suggest the new Galaxy S7 will have 5.1 inch 2560 x 1440 Quad-HD display, 8-core Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB of RAM powered by Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow software with a refined Samsung Touchwiz Interface. Camera expected to be about 12megapixel f/1.7 aperture rear camera and 5MP front camera. Features like Eye scanner and Pressure Sensitive Display rumored to debut this time.
Image of Rumored Galaxy S7 
How far the rumors are true? We will be knowing tomorrow. You can enjoy the big event live and exclusive right in this post, we'll be providing you minute-by-minute details of the event as it progress.

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